Trendeecosmetics OEM

To all esteemed corporations

Trendeecosmetics accepts orders for the production of your brand products.

We fully dedicate ourselves to meet your needs, such as the hair quality of the brush tip, shape, color and
length of the metal base, handle processing, logo insertion, budgets etc., and create the prefect product
that you wish to have.

*Orders of such excellent make-up brushes are accepted from minimum of 300 pieces to the larger quantity lots.


Trendeecosmetics OEM goes as follows

1. Meeting

We will show you some of our products including regular items and customarily made products for other OEM , then propose the brush based on your desires.

We will inquire your preferences including the following:

Hair: Quality, Quantity, Length
Metal Base: Material (Aluminum, Brass), Color
Handle: Wood quality, Color, Form, Design

Afterward, we will create a prototype.
(If you can bring some samples close to your desired product, the process will go more smoothly)

2. Confirmation of prototype

Based on the prototype, we will make the necessary adjustments in the quotation according to your requests, number of lots, delivery date and , then decide the process.

3. Final quotation and Order

We will officially accept the order after you have confirmed our proposed process, lot quantity, delivery period and quotation.

4. Production & Delivery

We will deliver the finished product as per the contract.

*Estimated delivery date is in 60 days after order.
*In case of repeated order, the period would be in 45-55 days.